Extreme Polar Training Course

Ever dream of heading out on a polar expedition? Maybe to ski to the North Pole? Kite ski across the Greenland Ice Cap? Drive a tractor to the South Pole? Or simply gain the skills to head out on fun winter adventures?

If the answer is yes – than our Extreme Polar Training course is for you. We want to help you achieve your polar dreams.

NorthWinds offers several polar training courses designed to teach you the skills and expertise needed to head out on polar expeditions. From how to pack 5,000 calories meals, modify clothing and equipment, navigation with the sun, cross leads of open water and live in -40C temperatures, you will learn it all.

Join us for our intensive polar training course on Baffin Island, in Canada’s Arctic!

Instructors: Our instructors are world-class polar guides.

Dates: March 4th to the 17th, 2017

Location: Iqaluit, Baffin Island (northern Canada).

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Into Twin Galaxies

If you haven’t heard about the film Into Twin Galaxies, you should check it out. Owner of NorthWinds, Sarah McNair-Landry, along with Erik Boomer and Ben Stookesberry headed on an epic crossing of Greenland. First they kite skied 1000km towing their kayaks across the Greenland ice cap – to access the source of a river, where they switch into their kayaks and complete a first descended to the arctic ocean.

Into Twin Galaxies is presently touring adventure film festivals around the world, and part of the Banff World Tour and European Outdoor Film Festival.

Or if you aren’t able to catch it on the big screen, you can view it for free on Red Bull TV: https://www.redbull.tv/video/AP-1QHHXVBJN1W11/into-twin-galaxies

Winter is here!

Winter is here, and everyone at NorthWinds (including our 14 dogs), couldn’t be more excited! We have a fun winter ahead of us including polar training courses, photography courses, dog sledding adventures, film projects, and more.

Updates and upcoming programs and courses will be posted here, so make sure not to miss out!

We wish everyone a cold winter filled with snow, – Sarah